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GSM Remote Security Camera with Nightvision + Motion Detection


    This GSM remote security camera allows you to secretly spy on your home to see who is invading your private study or lurking around in your home office. With its innovative technological advantage of motion detection and night vision capability, you are assured of always being able to have a clear MMS image send to your cellphone, and receive alerts once the motion detection feature automatically activates.

    Once you've inserted a Dual Band SIM card into this GSM remote security camera, you are able to then call the inserted SIM number from anywhere in the world to Spy on conversations. What’s also great about this GSM remote security camera, is the on board MIC and speaker which means that you can also call and warn intruders that they have been caught.

    The MMS function within this GSM remote security camera is not limited to motion detection activation, you can also send an SMS message command to the SIM card number within the GSM remote security camera, and it will then reply directly to your mobile phone, sending you a series of MMS images, and as long as there are people moving about unknowingly activating the motion detection, the remote GSM security camera will continually send you MMS messages containing images captured.

    This GSM remote security camera is designed to offer you additional peace of mind to whatever security system you may already have setup, if any. No one ever knows what truly happens in their home or the office when they are not there. This GSM remote security camera is exactly what you need in order to catch people in the act, finally getting the proof that has always evaded you.

    This GSM security remote camera comes sturdy built, which is made up of strong molded ABS plastic, high tech internal components, 8 LED's with an (IR) infrared sensor, a motion detection sensor along with onboard MIC and speaker. With its practical functions, fashionable appearance and a bright design, this is the perfect security option for your security needs. Click "Add to Cart" now and we'll ship you a sample to see how amazing this intelligent security GSM camera really is. The DC14 GSM security camera is brought to you by the number one wholesalers in consumer electronics, Chinavasion.

    At a Glance...

    • GSM security camera
    • Nightvision
    • Motion detection sensor
    • Infrared sensor with 8 LED's
    • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery>
    • 2 installation options, stand alone (portable) or wall mounted

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