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Wireless Mini Nightvision Camera + USB DVR Receiver Set


    Looking for an inconspicuous and economical way to watch over your room or small business? Look no further, the Wireless Mini Nightvision Camera + USB DVR receiver set is simple and affordable solution for keeping your eyes on your home and small business

    The Wireless Mini Nightvsion Camera requires only a power source and can be installed on walls, floors or ceilings. The 30 IR LED night vision will automatically turn on to make sure the camera is working for you, day and night.

    The wireless receiver can be positioned at a distance of up to 15 meters from the camera and works directly from your computer. You can monitor everything from your computer or set up motion detection so the camera will automatically take picture shots when movement is detected. You can also use an AV cable to connect the camera to a monitor or a secondary recoding devices.

    Anyone concerned about security will appreciate this easy to install wireless camera. Its compact sized let you install it in places that are difficult for others and less likely to be noticed by offenders. You can install it in your home to see who is climbing into your backyard or your convenient store and catch unsuspected thieves in the act.

    Good quality and an unbeatable factory direct price makes this Wireless Mini Nightvision Camera with USB DVR Receiver perfect for resellers. Order one as a sample, then buy in bulk to save more and sell in your store or online shop. Buy one today from the leader in wholesale electronics: Chinafactory.

    At a Glance...

    • Mini Wireless Surveillance Camera
    • 30 IR LED Nightvision
    • Receiver can pick up signal 20 meters away
    • Use AV out to watch the action on a large screen
    • USB receiver for your desktop or laptop
    • Easy to use software

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