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GPS Receiver + Data Logger + Photo Tagger + Distance Monitor


    Mini Global GPS 5-in-1 device. This amazingly cool gadget is an all-in-one GPS Receiver, Data Logger, Location Finder, Acceleration/Distance Monitor, and UTC Clock! Waterproof and compact design with a 1.5 inch display mean it's the perfect little tech gadget for active lifestyles or even everyday business use!

    This new GPS Receiver + Data Logger + Photo Tagger + Distance Monitor is for recording location data as well as displaying real-time data such as speed, mileage, time (clock), location and altitude. How could you use it in your daily life? Here are some possibilities;

    GPS Receiver: If you enjoy outdoor sports and recreation such as hiking, biking, skiing, mountaineering, or wilderness photography, this incredible gadget co-ordinates with overhead orbiting satellites to give you instant position data like longitude, latitude, attitude, and velocity. You can also single-click record P.O.I. (points of interest) data to download to your computer when you get home. It even retrieves satellite verified UTC time.
    Data Logger - Capture and log your exact position whenever you need it. This incredible gadget can save 125,000 data points and can even output this information as Google Earth ready KML files. On a professional level, this is perfect for route logistics optimization as it can automatically record data points specified by time or distance. Recreationally, this device is ideal for walking, biking, or car/bus tours. Take it with you on your next vacation!
    Photo Tagger - Imagine you've spent the last 2 days making your way through the Brazilian Rain forest. You've logged more than 2000 individual waypoints on this device. At the same time, you've taken photos at each and everyone one of those locations. Simply attach this deluxe GPS deluxe to your laptop, run the included software, and easily synchronize your photos with their exact GPS location.
    Distance Monitor - If you know that old fishing spot you and your uncle used to go to is 9 miles east of the highway, then with this device if you see that you have traveled 12 miles, then you know you missed it and its time to turn around and turn left instead of right!

    This new Mini Global GPS 5-in-1 device is for everyone wanting to see where they are going when outdoors and also record their activities to review later when they get home. A truly great GPS Gadget with versatile usage and a low factory wholesale price make this a "must have" Cool Gadget for anyone, including friends or family members, as well as a very nice gift to give to your boyfriend/girlfriend. It's in stock now for single piece or bulk stock purchases. So don't wait, click "add to cart" right now and we will express ship it out to you tomorrow.

    At a Glance...

    • All-in-one GPS Receiver + Data Logger + Photo Tagger + Distance Monitor
    • 1.5 inch display
    • Uses AAA batteries
    • Real-time longitude, latitude, altitude, and speed (velocity) data display
    • Share your geo-tagged photos with family and friends on Flickr
    • View your data paths on Google Maps or Google Earth
    • Can even turn your laptop, notebook, or netbook into a GPS Navigator
    • Waterproof

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