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High quality ultrasound face lifting beauty instrument with CE

( Li-Tek Biologic Cosmetics )

Detail Description

This instrument is suitable as skin care product at home and beauty salon. This beauty kit includes ultrasonic care for face, eye and body. It not only can deeply clean skin, but also can supply body with biology electric energy, activate cells and recover skin elasticity to bring back youth to you. Meanwhile, the ultrasonic beauty care box can input skin care essence into skin, promote essence absorption, achieve the efficacy of removing acne, light layer spots, black eye circle, eye pouch, improve tight skin, enhance elasticity, brighten skin and slim body, etc, which will make you enjoy the star beauty salon skin care at home and bring back your gold youth forever.




  • Probe head material: medical grade mirror stainless steel

  • Portable box: high-end & convenient

  • Power: 12V  2A

  • Ultrasonic output: 1MHZ

  • Applied area: eyes, face, body


Product function:

Deep cleaning,refining skin pores, activating cells,whitening and lifting skin,improving flabby and spotted skin,input nourishing essence,detoxification to slim body.


Two kinds of wave form

There are two kinds of wave form: one is continuous wave,the other is interrupted wave.

Continuous wave: ultrasonic beam continuously emit with constant intensity. This wave form has uniform function and obvious heat effect.

Interrupted wave: ultrasonic beam regularly and intermittently emit with short continuous time for every pulse. So, for this important feature is to obviously reduce heat effect, and effectively play machinery function.

Generally speaking, you should use interrupted wave while you have the inflammation, red and swollen and expanded blood capillary symptom. As for other symptom, you should choose continuous wave.)

Excellent quality and authentic guaranteed to make you comfortable and safe to enjoy your SPA.

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