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Q:Our company already has a buying department. How can we use ChinaFactory’s Importing Services to lower our costs?

A:As an extension of your buying department, our Project Managers work with your team to identify and coordinate international buying opportunities without the overhead expense of an import staff. ChiaFactory not only locates an overseas manufacturer for your product but also handles all of the logistics of delivery to give you a fixed landed (delivered to your door) cost for your product or component part. This trlates into significant savings for your company.

Q:How much of a cost savings percent should I expect from my current domestic cost compared to my target import cost?

A:Savings will vary by types of products being produced. In some industries, a 10% reduction in acquisition cost is a huge savings. While in other industries, a 40% or greater savings is attainable. Using your target cost information, ChinaFactory works diligently to locate a factory that will meet or beat your target cost while meeting your quality requirements.

Q:How do I ret a quote?

A:Simply filling the enquiry form “Get a free, no-obligation quote ” on Or email us at and describe what you need. One of our knowledgeable Project Managers will contact you with more information.

Q:What do I need to ret a quote?

A:To obtain a quote, we need a drawing or CAD model, engineering print and/or a physical sample of the item to be manufactured. The more detailed information you provide, the quicker we can quote the item.

Q:How long does it take to receive an initial quote for a new product or component part?

A:Quote times depend on the complexity of the project, the amount of information provided and the customer's requirements. Typically, simple parts can be quoted in 7 to 10 days. We can provide an estimated quote time at the start of the process.

Q:How long does it take before my first order is received?

A:At ChinaFatory we strive to complete your high-quality project in the least amount of time. Your first shipment can take 90 to 120 days. Reorders can take 45 to 60 days. And, if necessary, we can even arrange air shipments to meet special customer requirements.

Q:How will I know the current shipping status of my order?

A:ChinaFactory forwards an estimated ship date when your order is confirmed. We also use an order tracking system that provides current data as needed for each purchase order.

Q:How can I be sure that my product or component part is manufactured to our specifications?

A:Working with our network of established factories, ChinaFactory provides consistent, high-quality products for our customers. We have certified quality inspection professionals on staff at all of our overseas offices. We verify that your order meets the specifications you outline with your ChinaFactory Project Manager before the product ships.

Q:What will I need to do about customs and receiving my order?

A:ChinaFactory takes care of all aspects of delivering your order. We file all the paperwork for your shipment and clear everything through customs. Ordering from ChinaFactory is as simple as placing an order and waiting for it to arrive on your dock.

Q:What kinds of unit quantities are required to import in less-than-container load quantities?

A:Minimum factory order quantities generally range from 1,000 to 10,000 units and/or $5,000 to $10,000 USD.

Q:What type of materials and manufacturing processes can be specified?

A:Virtually all materials can be specified (metals, plastics, fabric, glass, wood, electronics) using the latest manufacturing processes, including plating, coating, forging, stamping, injection molding, extrusion, welding, printing, etc.

Q:What about the cost of tooling, if required?

A:The cost for tooling can be paid up front (in which case you own the tooling) or it can be built into the unit cost, which spreads the expense over time.

Q:How does ChinaFactory protect my intellectual property?

A:ChinaFactory understands the importance of safeguarding customers' intellectual property, including your proprietary designs. We only work with reputable factories that have undergone a diligent pre-screening process before sharing our customers' IP. We also secure confidentiality agreements with factories as needed.



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