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What We Do helps buyers quickly source products, finding the right suppliers for profitable business transactions. Suppliers can use to easily list their companies and will be found by millions of buyers. Importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, independents, flea marketers, convenience stores, charities, discounters, auctioneers, dropshippers and entrepreneurs all use to find and establish valuable trade partners.

Our Goals

Our mission is to be the #1 trading platform buyers rely on to connect with trade partners they can trust and build relationships with for future profits. We want to help buyers " Buy direct, Save Time, Save Money."

Our Vision

We strive to make the Internet a better place by addressing the community needs of buyers and suppliers while offering our users an easy to use interface where every aspect of their manufacturing, import, export, wholesale or retail business can be managed.

Factory Direct

Most Chinese factories rely on a countless chain of brokers and other middle-men, who mark up prices and bog down communications. sidesteps this process with factory direct relationships that ensure you get the best product and best price your deserved and with no mistakes.

Custom Manufacturing

Ordering custom manufactured items can often leaves you in the dark, wondering whether the product you receive will be the product you takes the worry out of the process as your key expert manufacturing partner. Our experienced designers and engineers and Production staff can help turn your ideas into production-ready manufacturing specifications, to ensure that the finished product meets your requirements and standards. We communicate directly with the manufacturer in Chinese, eliminating delays and mistranslations that lead to costly mistakes. We also help you plan for quality control, navigate the regulation and testing process required by agencies such as the FDA and FCC.

Product Development expertise in product sourcing enables us to provide you with the product you're looking for. Whether you've got a specific item in mind, an idea, or simply a problem to solve, we can help. Through the combined efforts of our account executives, sourcing staff and logistical team, we'll use our expertise to find the perfect product to meet your pricing constraints and end-user needs.

Logistics provides A-to-Z logistical support. Our full-service logistical staff and customs experts oversee the delivery of your products from the time it leaves the factory, and ensure that it not only arrives on-time at port, but also that it clears customs efficiently and makes its way inland all the way to your door.

Our shipping containers are guaranteed, meaning they always make it onto the vessels at port, and they don't get buried beneath stacks of other containers. This virtually eliminates delays, and improves delivery times remarkably. And by bundling inland and overseas freight charges, we're able to save you money on overall shipping costs.



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