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1080P HD Camcorder with Touchscreen and 5x Optical Zoom


    The latest in our famous DV1 series Hi-Def camcorders, this new model, DV14, is specifically designed for those people who want a high level digital video camera with spec features (1080P, HDMI, 5X Optical Zoom, Motion Detection, Touch Display), but want to buy it at a direct from the factory budget price.

    Having a 3 inch flip out widescreen LCD touchscreen and high-def resolution, this unit will have you easily making movie quality videos in no time, and with its native HDMI output port you can instantly watch the videos directly on your home HDTV. With this HD camcorder your personally made videos will be clearer than you ever imagined, so whether you are a youtube enthusiast, citizen journalist, or the family camera man, your vids will look just as good as anything you normally see on TV or in the movies!

    While the DV1 series has been advertised as an "average guy" series of camcorders (also called DV Cameras), the model DV14 really offers enough features to keep both the beginner and more advanced user busy and excited with its set of focused quality setting. With this model video camera you get all of the following;

    • Video recording at up to 1080P
    • Photos at up to 12MP
    • 5x optical zoom + 4x digital zoom
    • 3 inch touch panel display
    • Motion detection video and picture recording
    • Support for SDHC memory cards up to 16GB
    • Audio recording only mode
    • Webcam function

    These are the features you might expect in the latest Sony and Canon cameras, and now you can finally get them in a factory direct OEM camcorder. Going on its third generation, the DV1 series continues to lead the way in features and ease of use. If you are in the market for a new video camera or are looking to buy a gift for your girlfriend/husband/favorite uncle, this one is the top choice.

    The DV14 is in stock in our warehouse right now and is being offered for single piece or even better priced stock orders. Click "Add to Cart" now and we will ship it out to you tomorrow!

    At a Glance...

    • High Definition Camcorder (1080P)
    • 3 inch flip out LCD touch panel viewscreen
    • 5x optical zoom
    • Package includes everything you need to get started

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